Greetings! I’m Maggie and you’re currently hanging out with one of my fiction writing selves, Maggie Kerr. Under that nom de plume, I write…whatever strikes my fancy, pretty much. Women’s fiction, suspense, maybe a screenplay or two at some point, probably that horror novella I’ve been thinking about all these years. Who knows? I have a bit of a squirrel issue.

I also write higher heat contemporary romance as CiCi Coughlin, sweet romance shorts as Maggie K, and all manner of nonfiction as Maggie Worth. Don’t worry if you can’t keep all that straight. Most of the time, I can’t either.

A marketing guru once told me to define my brand by the three words that best describe me. I chose storyteller, strategist, and student.

It’s accurate. That’s the stuff I’m best at.


I’m also a dog schmuck, a DIY enthusiast, a nacho connoisseur, a world-class daydreamer, and an avid dropper of f-bombs.

I wear hair flowers and fascinators with reckless abandon, I adore a good message tee, and I live in either six-inch heels or Chuck Taylor All-Stars, both of which occupy an obscene amount of space in my closet.

I love estate sales and thrift shops, collect vintage jewelry and the Nancy Drews with the matte yellow covers, and cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I always have so many pennies.

I revisit Christie’s complete works religiously once a year, read nonfiction with a highlighter and sticky flags in hand, and anxiously await my letter from Hogwarts. You can have my Oxford comma when you pry it from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

Shuri is my hero. Prince is immortal. And I’ve been in love with Danny Kaye since I was four years old. I listen to Sinatra and Pitbull, reggae and jazz, Motown and show tunes and 80s hair bands.

Organic crunchy peanut butter is the perfect food but mint chocolate chip ice cream will do in a pinch. Just miss me with liver, sushi, onions, lemongrass, and curry.

Overall, I’m a pretty decent writer. But I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

So take a look at my books and see what you think.

If you dig ’em, read some more, come find me on Insta as MaggieSheWrote, and drop in to watch my critique partner and me stir up trouble on our YouTube show.

If you don’t dig ’em, come hang out anyway. I know a lot of writers. Surely you’ll like some of them. And I’m always happy to make recs!